Body Spells


There is a old saying that “Clothes make the man…
We convert it in reality for you.

10 years ago We realised that the Men are being left out. There are several shops that sell women and female clothing and accesories. But very Few that are specially for Men and Teenagers.

So We Decided that BODYSPELLS will be a dedicated Store that deals with Mens Casuals


So Now we have an answer to the question “where to buy Men’s Casuals?”      AT BODYSPELLS

Spread in 3 Store BodySpells is a Decade old establishment at the shopping zone of suburbs Linking Road. Bandra west. We started out as a single store in mini shopping mall on Linking Road specially for Men.




Understanding the need and wants of our customers has brought us a long way. We always work towards having in store the latest designs and colours.






As our Customer’s support and loyalty grew for us we expanded from One to Two and then from Two to Three Stores to handle the growing customers. Thats a little history about Us.
Now Lets get to what you are looking for…

We specialise in T Shirts, and we have a wide range and collection of it that our customers can choose from.
We deal in T Shirts, Shirts, Tracks, Cargo pants and Track Pants
We even have a Seasonal Range of Winter and Rainwear Jackets and Winsheeters.

We are always adding new items to our range You can view it Now on our New Arrivals page.

For Casuals see our T Shirts, Shorts and Tracks Collection

For Enquiries you can Chat with us Now using the chat bar on the lower righthand side of your screen or Email us from Conatct Us page.


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